Blogger ki website ko google news me approve kaise kare?


Mere blogger ki website hai jisko me google news me add karna chahata hu kaisa full guide chahiye

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Before you submit your site for inclusion, follow the policies of GN mentioned here:
1. Your news must be written in well format.
2. You must add the original source of the news without being involved in copy/paste.
3. News headline/title must be complete and clear.
4. Add email address and other contact details on your contact page. If possible, add office address as well. It can be your home address or anything that would represent your website legitimacy.
5. There are 2 type of news websites; a) Daily news and b) Weekly news
I) If you are going to get started with daily news, then you must publish at least 3-6 coverages in a day. However, if you want to launch a weekly magazine, then you must choose a day out of Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri or Sat. And consider publishing the news articles only on a selected day. Keep in mind, you can’t publish separate articles in weekly mag. For instance, if you cover some news about security, then you have to publish them in just one article. Similarly, If you want to publish more than 1 news related to Facebook, then you can add all the coverages in just one article.
6. Don’t think that your site will be approved in just a few months, you have to build the authorship first, then Google will consider your site for inclusion. This means, you have to wait for 1-2 years. You must not stop working on your news site during these years, until it gets accepted.
7. Whether it should be a blogspot site or a self-hosted, all sites are eligible as far as custom domain is concerned.
8. If you think that you can build a well-authorship by citing the news with original source, then I would like to introduce you to the another policy of GN, which states that your 100% articles must not be cited. Only 50% of sourced articles are allowed. Then where you get the news source? Twitter. Use twitter embed in your posts as a source.

Clarifying: If you publish 100 news articles on your blog, then only 50 articles can be cited with the original websites and you can use twitter sources for the remaining 50 articles.

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